Protesters shut down Vancouver streets!

On Friday January 22nd, protesters took to the streets of Vancouver's east side to rally in solidarity against police repression. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

Anyone posing even a potential threat to Olympic Security is being subjected to police “friendly visits” and blatant harassment, from active organizers and their families to people who attend events or write critical letters. These visits have escalated and are likely to continue escalating as we near the February games. Some have faced the sharper swords of prosecution, imprisonment, deportation, and even death in the case of Harriet Nahanee.
We see the clear connection between Olympic repression and ongoing police intimidation & brutality, the mounting deaths in police custody, the gross negligence in missing women cases, the social cleansing in the Downtown Eastside, and all the other symptoms of this unjust system.
We call for a mass public outcry and for increased resistance amidst this climate of increasing social control. To show we do not fear their tactics when we rise together. Tell your friends and family, co-workers and classmates.
Let’s show that our solidarity can be stronger than their repression.

Check out Vancouver Media Coop for a video of the action and more information
Go to the link here. Fore more photos of the action, go to my flickr site here

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