Little Mountain Documentary now online!

My documentary, "Little Mountain: A Fight for Social Housing" is now online! (Its in HD too and I got to say vimeo does a great job!) Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me through this project. This is just the first of many more to come! This film recently premiered at the World Community Film Festival where it was awarded a Festival Favorite (along with short documentary Oscar winner Smile Pinki and Sweet Crude)

Here's a quick synopsis:

Little Mountain is the oldest public housing site in Vancouver, home to families and a rich community for over 60 years. What was once public land has been sold to private developers who plan to evict all of the tenats and demolish the site. The Steenhuisen family have lived in Little Mountain for close to 50 years and are not leaving without a fight. Along with support from community advocates and city council members, the Steenhuisens fight for social housing in a city that is rapidly losing affordable homes.

Please pass this film along to anyone who you think might enjoy it. The story of loss of social housing, the gentrification of Vancouver (and in particular its oldest communities) and what happened to the residents at Little Mountain is an important one. Thank you for helping spread this important and timely information.


nate said...

great work man!!! this kicks ass!

"nofutureface" said...

thanks dude!!