Hidden Fortress teams with Hand'Solo Records

Hidden Fortress is proud to announce that we are working with one of Canada's illest hip-hop labels, Hand'Solo Records out of Toronto! Our latest EP, "Third Eye Cyclops" will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD exclusively on the Hand'Solo Records site on July 13th.

This EP is in anticipation of our new album which will be coming out in the fall of this year. We are excited to be working with some seriously talented cats who will be sharing the mic as well as doing some remixes. Can't say who they all will be yet but fans of killer Canadian underground music will definitely know the names. Sign up for our newsletter on our reverbnation page and keep in touch with details.

For all the Toronto heads, Hidden Fortress might make a surprise visit out east sometime this year so stay tuned for that as well!

Thanks to everyone for supporting Hidden Fortress, checking out the site, downloading the music, leaving positive comments, its good to have fans like you! If you're not already on board join the Hidden Fortress movement now!

You can still cop our latest release White Violence on itunes so go get it now!


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