Hidden Fortress - "All That Is" CD Release Party

Hidden Fortresses latest release "All That Is" is coming to websites, itunes and an mp3 player near you! Expanding upon what was built with their first album White Violence; the duo of UsdNeeds and nofutureface continue to hold a light to the darkest of the shadows. nofutureface takes his lyrics one step further on "All That Is" by incorporating themes of human consciousness, the illusion of time, mind altering hallucinogens, word wizardy and mediation into his raps. nofutureface is one of only a few MC's to reference the works of psychedelic legend Terrence McKenna and also delve into the shamanic and alternate realms of existence with his word play. As always, DJ UsdNeedls comes correct with cinematic powerful beats and quick precision cuts to rival anyone in the production game.

"All That Is' features collaborations with some of the illest in the Canadian hip-hop scene such as
Raven Madd of Wounded Animals, Tokyo Japan's Kaigen of Curses Ov Dialect, Planit aka The Dirty Sample and Toronto's Modulok of Red Ants.

"All That Is' will be released by
Hand'Solo Records in October of 2010 and will sure to be an underground classic! With one of the most original and unique sounds in hip-hop today, Hidden Fortress won't remain in the shadows for long. You can catch up on the Hidden Fortress sound by downloading their FREE EP Third Eye Cyclops and by downloading one of the most sleep on albums of 2009, the darkly electronic "White Violence".

If you live in the Vancouver area, please come out and support Hidden Fortress by coming to the Hidden Fortress CD release party on Thursday September 30th at
The Met. Hidden Fortress will be joined by Wounded Animals, the Sludge King and Dockta Valkus and Mighty Mega whose new album "Infobombs" (out on Neferiu Records) is banging!! (Click the link and download that shit!)

"All That Is" is sure to have heads talking so check out Hidden Fortress and support true DIY underground music...


Much peace and thanks to
Double Dizzle for the killer artwork...

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