Hidden Fortress - FREE DOWNLOADS!

Wdup everyone...the new album "All That Is" is out and making the promotional rounds. You can pick up a copy at the Hand'Solo Records or on itunes.

The album contains a free download code for DJ UsdNeedls killer instrumental album "Audio Scientifico". Sign up for the HF newsletter at our reverb nation site and Ill send you the link!

Also, we are super stoked that The Dirty Sample remixed our latest single "Apotheosis" (featuring Modulok) and its killer! Get it for FREE also here:

Apotheosis Remixed by The Dirty Sample.

and if you want more Hidden Fortress for your music collection, download the EP "Third Eye Cyclops" for FREE also. You can find it here:

Third Eye Cyclops.

Much peace everyone and thanks for the continued support!

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