Hidden Fortress X Hero Hill

Hero Hill is a kick ass music site run by a few kick ass dudes! Actually, Hero Hill are responsible for giving Hidden Fortress their first bit of online love way back in 2008 and we've never forgot that beautiful moment....

Fast forward a few years and Hero Hill has reviewed our latest offering "All That Is", here's a tidbit - 

"All That Is appears to suggest that HF have found a perfect understanding between MC and producer for the sound they are going for. UsdNeedls creates dense, ominous soundscapes that have a definite hip hop thump to them, but every other audible crevice is filled with spooky and/or menacing sounds. nofutureface attacks these tracks with a type of macabre glee, delivering his politically apocalyptic lyrics with enough charisma and rhythm that the songs remain very listenable even if you aren’t catching the deluge of dark knowledge he’s dropping"

Thanks so much to Hero Hill and Naedoo for the kind words and support. To read the review in its entirety, check the link here and check out Hero Hill for all kinds of musical goodness, you won't regret it! 

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