Incoming Transmission from The Fortress...

These are some interesting times my friends. Anti-government protests throughout the Middle East claiming the lives of hundreds but in their passing a new determination never seen before in this part of the world. A new determination that is inspiring all of us all over the planet. The fear is subsiding, the veil is lifting. 

This may very well be what is referred to during this time as The Apocalypse, not in a doom and gloom way, but in the actual definition of the word meaning to "lift the veil" or "to reveal". The curtains are coming down as the lairs and snakes as being shown for what they truly are. 

In that same aspect we are all coming to realize, in our own ways, how truly amazing the human family is. Consciousness is growing and together we are all connecting in ways unseen but felt around the globe. Those who have power are in the death throes as they enhance the military police apparatus to quell the coming dissent they know will hit the streets soon. You can only beat a dog so many times before it bites. 

There seems to be a lot of troubling signs on the horizon, Israel/US seem ready to start WWIII with anyone they can before North Americans riot in huge numbers to protest their abuses. Whispers in the halls of power often raise false flags. Keep your eyes sharp for cunning tricks, use critical thought and above all trust your instincts and intuition. Now is the time to speak our minds and lose the fear. 

Many are doubtful, skeptical and possibly downright hostile to you and others as their paradigm crumbles, be gentle, it is the fear of the unknown. They will come to see the light eventually. 

Breathe deep, meditate and above all stay mindful and aware. Much PEACE and LOVE to you all. 

End Transmission...

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