The Great Plant Teacher - Ayahuasca

I got the call from the plant spirits, or teachers, if you like, less than a year ago. I went from never having heard of Ayahuasca to sitting in front of a shaman about to ingest the "vine of the dead" in less than 6 months. Synchronicity is an interesting thing. It is said that those who are ready will be contacted when it is time and indeed I believe this to be true.

Without going into a ton of detail, I wound up drinking 3 cups of tea that night and spent the next 10 and half hours on my journey. I have heard you can either have an external or internal journey, mine was completely internal. No real hallucinations or visions to speak of but when they did occur they were quite extreme. I became disconnected from my body and was pure consciousness interacting with the universe itself. Many questions were asked and answered that night but the "fallout" from the experience is still occurring today as my jump in conscious living was highly accelerated by my journey. I am still integrating teachings from that night into my everyday living.

An article today at Activist Post entitled "Does Ayahuasca Offer a Natural Gateway To Healing Ourselves and the World?" made me rethink this experience again today. I believe that Ayahuasca does offer a natural gateway to healing and I suggest to anyone, who has done some considerable amount of work on themselves, to experience the sacred plant ceremony if you ever get the chance.

Ayahuasca has definitely hit the mainstream, and to some extent I think it is a good thing. This will never be a party or recreational drug, it is impossible for that to happen!! Anyone who has experienced this knows what Im talking about. But like most spiritual experiences, there are those who have claimed themselves to be "chosen" or in possession of special knowledge and frankly I call BS on them.

In the eyes of the plant teacher we are all the same, no one is given special knowledge over someone else, we are all given what we need, and ask for, at the time of our interaction to keep proceeding on our journey through life. Beware of the snake oil salesman and their books. Our experiences are just as valid as theirs, whether you wrote a book about it or not.

I highly suggest viewing any of the great documentaries online about Ayahuasca and its main active ingredient DMT, for more information on the subject. Above is a trailer for a new film "Stepping into the Fire' which looks very interesting. I'll definitely check it out if it comes to my city.

Much Peace and Love...

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