Hidden Fortress on Bandcamp- FREE DOWNLOADS!

Hidden Fortress now have 3 albums for FREE on Bandcamp. Please share this with all of your music loving friends and get the word out! 

Available at our Bandcamp site is our 4 song EP "Third Eye Cyclops", which features fan favorite "Brilliant Animal". We also have a collection of previously unreleased HF material, some of the first songs we did, in an album called "Go Gygax Go!" This is where we set the dark mood that HF is famous for. These are just some slamming tracks, such as some of my personal faves "Lava Fingers" and "Go Gygax Go!" as well as some Zombie/Horror tracks like "I, Braineater" and "The Creepshow". Definitely for the fan of creepy music...

Finally, we have "White Violence", a great dark electronic album that for the last few years has been for sale but we have decided to make it FREE for all our fans! "White Violence" set the foundations for where HF is today, heavy introspective, esoteric lyrics with a political message laced with the cinematic explosive production of UsdNeedls. This one is a classic for sure! 

All of these albums are FREE! Thanks for the support...

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