Psst...Hey...Come 'er...We Got Something For Ya....

Hello My Friends...I have about 70 CD's of our new album "All That Is" sitting in my apartment right now just waiting for the vacuum seal to be cracked, the wonderful artwork to be unfurled and the great music on the CD to be enjoyed!! 

We love making music, I know that sounds cliche but its true. UsdNeedls and myself have been creating crazy sounds together since 1997, most of it unheard until recently. We don't care about record labels, big shows, hip-hop groupies, being a part of "the scene", etc. we just want to creatively express ourselves and make music we enjoy and hopefully others enjoy as well.

The writing process for me is just unleashing all those thoughts that scramble my brains, getting it on paper is such a great release. It lets me talk about the things I think are important. UsdNeedls is a beat machine, I have never met a more true artist than this guy. Even if no one ever heard one more beat he made, he'd still make 20 amazing unique beats a day just because that's what he does, not to mention that he is one of the best scratch/cut DJ's I've ever met.

We are just two guys, like thousands of others, who are making music in their spare time cause they love it. We have jobs and families and will never come close to making the moolah back that we have put into this and that's okay, we never expected too, that is not the end result. Its the process of creation that's important. 

That being said, I would love to share our music with more people, lots of it is free on the internet, please download and give to as many peeps as you like. I just really wanna clear out the space in my closet where these CDs are hiding and if you would like one please send me an email at nofutureface (at) hotmail.com. Send me whatever you want, your CD, a few bucks to cover the cost of shipping, a good book, etc. and I will send you a copy of "All That Is". 

Much love and peace to my big homie UsdNeedls and his family who are dealing with all this madness in Japan. Be safe and take care...

Thanks everyone...

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