Little Mountain Doc on Rabble TV, Hot Docs and With Glowing Hearts

Pretty stoked that Rabble TV is featuring my documentary Little Mountain: A Fight for Social Housing. Thanks Rabble!

I also recently found out that I will be attending Hot Docs this year in Toronto! I was accepted to Doc U as well as the Astral Media Scholarship Program. This basically means that I get to attend all the workshops, lectures and industry networking events during Hot Docs and check out all the amazing films they will be featuring. So stoked! Plus, I've never been to Toronto so that will be fun as well. I plan on updating most everyday Im there so if your interested in Hot Docs, please stay tuned. Ill be taking off April 29th and coming back May 7th.

Finally, I will be interning with Animal Mother Films, on their recent feature length documentary "With Glowing Hearts". This film follows a diverse group of individuals who use social media to get their voices heard during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Check the trailer and website here

Haven't upload any new flicks yet but I have a few rolls of film waiting to be developed. Ill be posting those soon!


Rich Johnson. said...

awesome dude. Talent to be reckoned with. congrats man.

"nofutureface" said...

thanks rich, appreciate it!!