New Wounded Animals Video! Conflict with my Minds

Wounded Animals - The Conflict With My Minds from Chris Bevacqua on Vimeo.

This is the first video from my homies Wounded Animals, Vancouver's latest and greatest to hit the underground hip-hop scene. MC Raven Madd and DJ/Producer UsdNeedls (of Hidden Fortress) have just released their first EP "Death of the War Machine" and its a banger!! You can cop that on itunes right now! It includes this single "Conflict with my Minds".

This video was shot in an afternoon running around Queen Elizabeth Park and various other random locations we stumbled across. We didn't have to much of an idea of what we wanted to do, we just hung out with the camera and then I edited this bad boy together. Its pretty funny and we had a lot of fun shooting it and I had a good time editing it together as well.

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