Aerosol Fiends interview nofutureface

I am a self taught photographer and this learning process started sometime in the late 90's when I began buying disposable cameras and started taking pics of the Vancouver graffiti scene. Being a child of the 80's and in particular Hip-Hop culture, I have always been a huge fan of graffiti. Like most it started after watching Wild Style or Style Wars and being totally blown away.

I was also influenced by photographers like Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper who captured some of those early days in New York and without their photos a lot of those legendary artists and their work would have been lost to memory.

My photography evolved from art on walls to more street and documentary but it was those early days that really taught me so much about how to use a camera. I don't take as many graff photos as I used to but I still love going out and hunting some spots and catching a flick of some work.

Graffiti website Aerosol Fiends features amazing graffiti across the globe and talks to the people behind the lens and they recently featured me in a short interview! Big ups AF! You can read the interview here and you can also check out my set on flickr for more Vancouver graffiti.

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Rich Johnson. said...

congrats man! love the new banner. freakin cool!