Hidden Fortress on LA's Sundown Lounge!

Quick update on my hip-hop project Hidden Fortress! We recently started a page on Reverb Nation and are happy to announce we are #14 on the Vancouver Hip-Hop charts! Thanks to everyone for supporting us. Also, check out my homies Wounded Animals, who are doing big things and are currently at #17 on the Vancouver Hip-Hop charts!

Both albums are produced by the amazing Producer / DJ UsdNeedls and are available on itunes so if you got a few duckets to download a song or two we would be your BFF's forever, no joke.

Hidden Fortress White Violence has been around since last year and was well received on college radio across Canada. Wounded Animals Death of the War Machine is brand new and is creating quite the buzz as well so please check'em out!!

Hidden Fortress was recently featured by Larry Winfield on his Los Angeles podzine Sundown Lounge. Here is what Larry is all about:

"Sundown Lounge is a laid back (and often explicit, you bet your ass...) weekly podzine of music, spoken word, progressive politics, weird science, and occasional vignettes from the west coast open mic scene, etc. Physically, I'm in rapidly gentrifying downtown Los Angeles, but metaphysically, my toes are in the sand..."

Larry is a pirate radio DJ as well as a Chicago Saloon poet for over 10 years. Larry organized the 1996 Democratic Convention protest poetry reading and we give that a big thumbs up! Thanks to Larry for giving Hidden Fortress some love! and you too ; )

You can download an mp3 of the podcast here.

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