Osama Bin Laden PsyOps

President Obama and the US government are claiming that they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Those in the know know that Bin Laden has been confirmed dead by numerous sources, and some as high profile as Benazir Bhutto, years and years ago. 

This can only mean a few things, the War On Terror is over so bring the troops home, Obama needs some serious distractions (and Trump aint cutting it) to win him another election or as I and others have discussed there is a serious false flag operation going down this year and this will be the pre-planned excuse as motive behind it. I mean, Al-Qaeda will want revenge right? Im banking on items two or three as there is no way the troops are packing up and leaving Afghanistan and Iraq. 

This is a very interesting turn of events and Im not too sure what to make of it, we in the Hidden Fortress will be following this very closely this week. Apparently, May 1st is also the anniversary of the Bavarian Illuminati so I guess this is a happy bday gift from Osama to all his buddies! 

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