Stephen Harper To Push for North American Union

I try not to get angry, I work on it daily but sometimes it's really hard. Canadians now find themselves with Mister Corrupt Sellout Stephen Harper leading a majority government. It's hard to imagine what kind of damage Harper can do considering how much he accomplished with a minority government; but I am confident we all see first hand the destruction of this nation very soon. Let me be clear, as I mentioned a few posts back before the election, I do not believe any party would get us out of this mess. The agenda was put into place a long time ago, it started with Brian Mulroney and NAFTA, and no PM will change this course. 

I am often shocked and saddened by the current state of knowledge in the general public arena. Watching my friends and neighbours heading off to the polls like it matters. I guess I just assume people are more aware than they are. Forget crazy conspiracies like Osama and Obama being one in the same, or reptilian shape shifting popes and politicians, or that alien ships are getting ready to descend on this planet in some Speilbergien 2012 real life masterpiece. Forget all that....but believe this: 

We have been lied to on every possible level, we work harder for less money, the government taxes us more and more while giant corporations pay nothing, our fruits and vegetables are filled with toxins and poisons, our forests and waterways are being destroyed in the name of the all mighty dollar, toxic chemicals like flouride are put into our water system, alternative health, farmers markets and naturopaths are being targeted in an attempt to keep us glued to this chemical fueled food and health system, the rich grow richer as the middle class dissolves keeping the homeless numbers growing as well as the welfare and food bank lines, the police have been turned into a corporate military force here to protect the interests of the government and its allies not the people and out in the open Stephen Harper pushes for a North American Union that will destroy the nation of Canada as we know it. 

This is not theory, this is fact. A quick google search of any of the above items will produce hundreds if not thousands of links of information that are readily available to the general public, a lot of the material being produced by the mainstream press. Yet we don't care. We do not, or cannot, see the bigger picture. We view the world through a tiny broken lens. We are more concerned with reality TV, NHL playoffs, MMA fights, partying and having a good time, Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, etc than informing ourselves. I get it, I really do, ignorance is bliss. But man, what a heavy price we will pay. 

Our freedoms of dissent are long gone. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Sure, in some countries you will get killed or tortured for opposing the government. In Canada it is now the norm to be beaten, tased and arrested for expressing even basic anti-war, or pro-peace, sentiments. The Canadian government is making it illegal for farmers to save their seeds and force them into accepting GMO seeds from Monsanto. Haven't heard of that one have you? Didn't see it on the news? No, and you won't. Like I said, we have been lied to. 

An article titled "Stephen Harper Seeks Majority to Dissolve Canada in Favor of the North American Union" states: 

"Harper’s appearance at the New York City based Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on September 25 2007, was made to officially endorse and express his commitment for the US North American Union agenda...Mr. Harper has been apparently directed by the principal funders of the Conservative Party of Canada, which are ideologically linked to the CFR, to assimilate Canada into a new “Fortress North America” which is controlled by the U.S. political-military-industrial complex....The Council of Foreign Relations had instructed Harper to implement the plan by no later than 2010.  Harper has since been trying to form and lead a majority government...The CFR website openly endorses the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper, alluding to his government having an alleged mandate to transform Canada substantively into a U.S. colony by implementing the recommendations of the CFR book “Building a North American Community”.  There is therefore clearly a working association between the Harper government and the CFR to implement and execute the NAU agenda."

Those of us who are not convinced, or refuse to see what is happening in our world, countries, communities and streets today will bear a heavy burden. As the old saying goes "the truth hurts". It is not up to me or others to convince but for yourself to learn and get educated on what is going on. There is a line from a Grateful Dead song that goes, “you cant go back and you cant stand still, if the thunder don’t get you than the lightning will”. Looks like rain... 

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